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Give your case a fighting chance with representation from Brock Law Firm in Livingston, LA. Our trial attorneys handle a variety of criminal and civil matters, including injury lawsuits. Our goal is to help resolve your case in a manner that benefits you the most. Enter the courtroom confidently with representation from our trial attorneys in Livingston, Louisiana. Brock Law Firm also provides criminal defense and personal injury attorney's services to Denham Springs, Watson, and Walker, LA.

Criminal Defense Attorney
If you find yourself facing criminal charges, you need representation from professionals that are familiar with the court system. Our legal team has 20 years of trial experience including being a criminal defense attorney in the Livingston, La area so we know how to help you fight charges.

Injury Lawsuits
The Brock Law Firm has expertly handled hundreds of personal injury lawsuits in Louisiana. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible outcome for your case. When you call us, you receive representation from professionals experienced in handling a diversity of cases, including:

• Medical Negligence • Automobile Accidents • 18-Wheeler Accidents
Criminal Defense, Trial Attorneys in Livingston, LA
Criminal Charges
In legal terms, perhaps nothing is more frightening than being arrested on criminal charges. If you have these types of charges pending, consult with us to determine your options and the possible outcomes for your case. Bail assistance is provided along with detailed representation that helps resolve your case without jail or prison time

Avoid jail or prison time by contacting our trial attorneys at (225) 686-7448 in Livingston, Louisiana.